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As a niche market, custom home building has shown itself to be fairly resilient to the challenges facing today's national housing market. Compared to the industry average, high-end custom homeowners have felt little impact from the current downturn. They have more discretionary income and are less subject to the mortgage and lending crisis and as the market settles, custom homeowners will be more willing then ever to spend more to get more.

Over the last fifteen years, the remodeling market has nearly doubled in size to $279 billion. Despite the overall slowdown in the housing market, home improvement expenditures continue to grow. Homeowners are undertaking projects of all types-and looking to remodelers to do the work. As homes age, they require significant investments in upkeep and home improvement-and, consequently, a significant investment in building products.

As the age of the 'McMansion' dwindles in today's economy, custom home builders are answering new consumer demands. Custom homeowners have always been about choice, and they demand more today for their investment than ever before.

Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, US Census Bureau