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Consumers demand quality content. The challenge is identifying what they value and delivering it in the most useful way—increasing the likelihood that they’ll take the action you desire. How your message is conveyed will ultimately determine the success of your marketing campaign.

Whatever type of content you need, Hanley Wood can create and distribute it across an integrated media network. We produce innovative marketing programs and solutions that deliver your message to your most important customers.

Print Media + Online Media

Maximize reach through integrated advertising campaigns and plan collection sponsorships on and offline.


Custom content marries your marketing objectives with the information needs of your target audience. Whether custom created or licensed editorial content, we can help develop editorial content so valuable that it influences your audience in the way you desire. Hanley Wood’s award-winning team of content creators can work with you to license existing editorial, or custom articles, whitepapers, newsletters, case studies, advertorials, and more.

Direct Marketing

Leverage our database of 166,000 in-market consumers to deliver your targeted marketing message.

Website Development

Create an online information source to serve consumers searching for information about your brand and products.